Product Description
V 1.55
Now visualization plug-ins are included.
Powerfull MPEG Audio Player (MPEG1+2 audio layer I-III, AIFF, MAUD, WAVE, RAW)
AMPlifier 2
V 2.32
AMPlifier 2
V 2.33

need OS3.5 or higher. Or OS3.0 and ClassAct.

V 1.2 (5.5.99)
Audio control tool.
  • Visual peak level display
  • ARexx interface
  • Medio support
V 1.2 (5.5.99)
Simple Recording tool
Driver updates Description
Melody driver
V 2.13
Melody 1200, Melody Z2 Software Version 2.
  • New modular design
  • Toccata emulation
  • Medio support
  • X-Surf support
Twister 1200 driver
V 1.36


  • Twister 1200 serial driver (classic and Mk2 done by DCE)
  • native 'Miami EOF Mode'
  • preferences tool for compatibility to bad peripheral devices and more
Developer Description
Documentation for AMPlifier plugings
Documentation for native support of Melody
X-Audio.Device and MPEG.Device