AMPlifier Overview
Docking Plug-Ins (f.e. graphics) Skins Overview



Besides various invisable enhancements there are a few new powerfull features like:

  • Equalizer
  • Skins even for Playlist
  • New Plug-In possibilities (input and output modules)
  • Docking (AMPlifiers windows are docking to theselves if they're moved next to each other)
AMPlifier - font sensitive BOOPSI GUI or Skins


AMPlifier even offers Pop-Up menues
...and the Equalizer many of you asked for


  • AMPlifier is Shareware
Requirements (Low-END):
  • Xaudio (Soundboards) compatible device or AHI
  • MPEG-Audio.library by Stephane Tavenard
  • powerfull CPU (68060 would be nice)
  • Amiga OS3.x
Requirements (High-END):
  • DSP-driven Hardware which supports mpeg.device (Peggy+, CD32-FMV, Melody-Z2, Melody1200-plus/pro)
  • Amiga using 68020 CPU or better running Amiga OS3.x