Melody1200 Overview
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D S P powered

>> MPEG Layer-3 <<

hardware support

  • usage of high performance 20 bit HIFI CODEC
  • high samplerates of 44.1kHz und 48kHz
  • does not disable the use of modern CPUs
  • may get used together with RS232/V24 board for the same connector (Hypercom needs small modification while our board doesn't for sure)
  • Playback and Recording at the same time (Full-Duplex)
  • Usefull for A1200 and -Tower
  • three inputs offering variable gain, one of them is located internal and intended for connecting a CD-Reader
  • Pass-Thru und Monitoring
  • very small outlines caused by the use of modern technologie
  • modular, extendable concepts
  • Multilayer PC (Printed Cirucuit Board) using tons of different planes
  • useable with B-Vision
  • AMPlifier - powerfull Player for MPEG-Audio etc. Playback with Playlist, ID3-Tag support and so on.
  • Tool for setting Audio Prefs (Commodity)
  • Recording Tool
  • anything which supports AHI (games included)
  • Xaudio.device
  • mpeg.device
  • AHI
  • toccata.library (for example Samplitude)
  • cover for the Expansionslot
  • bracked for use at A1200Tower
  • cable for interconnecting the boards
  • high quality adaptor for connecting Melody's SubD to "golden" RCA connectors (female)
  • Instructions
  • CD-ROM

Analog part:

It's the same for all Melody12000 which are available today. It's interconnected via ribbon cable and transports digital data only (free of loss!).)


bracket and manual are not shown here




Host part (PRO is shown):

It's interconnected to the analog part.