Melody CDTV (PRO)



Have a look at Yamakawa/Raite DVD MultiPlayer!

Melody 1200 CDTV, short name Melody CDTV, is based on Melody 1200 Series. We've got the intention to take Melody 1200 PRO only as it's the only one capable playing MPEG Layer-3 with the 68000 used at CDTV.


While some technical features regarding playback are the same, there are some differences:

  • analog output module is removed and CDTV's onbord logic and parts are used, no mechanic changes to housing required
  • this means the old RCA outputs offer the sound from traditional sources and Melody CDTV
  • CD-ROM audio and Melody output are muxed (XOR) while Amiga is mixed any time
  • CDTV makes use of the same 18/16 bit DA-Converter used at Melody-Z2, no 20 bits engine (Melody 1200) but still nice performance.
  • 16 bit decoding of MPEG, no 20 bit raw-playback
  • as we don't want changes to the housing no sampling is supported. We're thinking of MPEG readback, but while CDTV is damn slow it should be useless and saves money if removed.

The way it's done:

  • Melody CDTV comes with CPU-module (access to 68k's bus and some minor address decoding logic) but makes use of the same interconnection wireing bus like real Melody 1200
  • Additionally it comes with audiobus adapter (access to mainboard logic and parts)
  • Software is activated via bootable CD or floppy after switch-on and probably embedded into ROMs at later stage (not nessecary best solution!)
  • It's controlled via hotkeys send out by the IR-Pad and a plain version of AMPlifier which works at Kickstart 37.999 (used at CDTV), too.


  • Depending on interest Digital-IO done for A1200 could be used, too (output only). It would even add digital output for CDDA-CD playback.
  • The AMPlifier-Display project is intended for use with CDTV, too. As it will be announced at Aminet it won't be sold by Gruner Bürotechnik Allthough the parts required my be ordered there.

State of project:

  • Prototype was done and is going to be activated soon
  • Series takes a while primary because of software and licenses required
  • The price will be about that of a Melody 1200 plus offering some PRO features going to be the ultimate MPEG Layer-3 playback engine!